WFX-FIT Training​

Before Starting an Exercise Program

Being more physically active is very safe for MOST people. The PAR-Q+ (French Q-AAP+)
questionnaire will help the participant to determine whether it is necessary to seek further advice from a
doctor OR a qualified exercise professional before becoming more physically active.

The following checklist will help to guide the participant in preparation for fitness activities:

  • Complete the PAR-Q+ and consult with a physician if necessary
  • Establish goals
  • Make the commitment to yourself
  • Get educated – the more you know, the healthier and safer you will be
  • Have the appropriate footwear and apparel for exercise

Are You Prepared for WFX-FIT

For further details please consult the pamphlet Are You Prepared for WFX-Fit (Êtes-vous prêt pour le test WFX-FIT) which fully outlines the WFX-FIT testing and training program.