FIREHAWK: Web Platform For Wildfire Rapid Risk Evaluation

January 31 2022 | 1200-1300 MDT

Firehawk the newly added wildfire component of The Rapid Risk Evaluator-ER2 tool developed for earthquake and floods. Firehawk is a web platform for operational wildfire rapid risk evaluation that produces fire growth modelling through Prometheus Software as a Service (PSaaS), using the Fire Behaviour Prediction System of the CFFDRS, which is coupled with other fire intelligence models to support fire management decision-making around planning. Through this presentation, we will go over the current developments of phase 1 (2020-2022) features, including a demo, and explain the planned developments of phase 2 (2022-2024). Since fire management agencies are targeted as the primary users, we hope to get some feedback!

Presented by Jonathan Boucher, a wildfire research scientist for the CFS, based at the Laurentian Forestry Centre in Quebec city. His recently established research program focuses on developing science that supports wildfire management activities (fire behaviour, suppression resources productivity and effectiveness, forecast of fire suppression workload, etc.). He is part of the Fire Danger Group working at developing the Next-Generation Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System (NG-CFFDRS). In this context, he is working at measuring and mapping fuel attributes, including defining metrics from Terrestrial LiDAR Scanner (TLS). He is also the lead of the Firehawk project. Prior joining CFS in 2019, Jonathan worked for SOPFEU (Quebec’s fire management agency) for four and half years where he was Science and Performance Coordinator. Using empirical analyses, he has been involved in supporting strategic and operational decisions of the agency. He was also an active member of Incident management teams. Jonathan has a Ph.D. in Forest Science from Laval University, where he studied burn severity and post-fire ecology in the context of salvage logging, and he is also a certified forester in the province of Quebec.