FAQs and Contacts​

Q: Does the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre hire firefighters?
A: No. If you are seeking employment as a firefighter, you must apply through one of the member agencies.

Q:Who does the testing?
A: CIFFC DOES NOT SCHEDULE OR PROVIDE ANY WFX-FIT TESTING. All testing is done via the Canadian agencies responsible for wildfire management.

Q: How can I arrange to take the test?
A: You should contact one of the member agencies before taking the test. While WFX-FIT is the same across the country, each agency makes it's own arrangements for delivery of the test. Some agencies only deliver the test to those hired on a fire crew and some agencies require that the test be taken prior to employment on a fire crew.

Q: Is there a cost for taking the test?
A: Each agency administers the test independently. Contact member agencies for more information.

Q: How long is the test valid for once I have taken it?
A: The expiry period for the validity of WFX-FIT results for WWFs who are not currently on full duty should be 3 months (90 days).

Q: Why do I have to take the test at or near the start of the fire season for it to be valid for a current fire season? Why can't I take the test in the fall and have it valid for the following fire season?
A: Your health and level of fitness may change over the 6 to 8 month time period between fire seasons. It is important that the test measure your level of fitness as you start the fire season.

Q: I have difficulty completing the hose pack lift and carry over the 1 km distance. Is there an alternate test that I can complete that demonstrates my strength and aerobic fitness? Can I complete a test on a treadmill or exercise bike?
A: No. There is not an alternate test. The test is based on the most highly important, frequently occurring and physically demanding firefighting tasks. The test is the job and the job is the test - if you can do the job, you can do the test and if you can do the test, you can do the job.

For more information about WFX-FIT and firefighting employment  contact the agency you are interested in from the list below.