Forward Rate of Growth Sensors (FROGS)

April 26 2023| 1200-1300 MST

The idea of Forward Rate of Growth Sensors (FROGS) grew from a discussion about aerial ignition. How far away do headfire in-draft winds extend, and how can they be measured? This led to a collaboration with Advanced Sensor Research Ltd. to explore this issue, and six months later, the Yukon Wildland Fire Management was throwing FROGS at fires. Join us as Kris Johnson and Yanik Freeman share about the evolution of the sensors, the data collected, and how the information is used to improve fire operations.

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Kris Johnson is the Senior Emergency Response Office at the Yukon Wildland Fire Management Branch. He is a dedicated Territorial Duty Officer, Incident Commander, Fire Behaviour Analyst, and, on the best-days an Ignition Specialist.

Yanik Freeman is the owner of Advanced Sensor Research Ltd. In addition to developing and developing Fire FROGS, Mr. Freeman works as a System Administrator within the Yukon Government. He has a long history of working with the Wildland Fire Management Branch to identify problems and develop innovative solutions. He has helped design, implement, and automate many of their systems used to manage fires.